How to filter columns in Pandas?

In this post you can find how to select columns in Pandas

# select first 5 columns
df.iloc[:, :5]

# select last 5 columns
df.iloc[:, :5]

# select columns with head and tail

# select columns by name
df[["col_1", "col_2"]]

# select columns by name
df.loc[:, 'col_1':'col_3']

# select mulitple columns
df.loc[:, ['col_1' , 'col_2', 'col_3']]

# select by column name and index

# pandas select columns by condition
# there is value greater than 5
df.loc[:, (df > 5).any()]

# all values are greater than 5
df.loc[:, (df > 5).all()] 

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